The Sonotrax Doppler is great for routine examination & vascular blood flow detection.

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The SONOTRAX Series Ultrasonic Dopplers are intended to be used by health care professionals including registered nurses, practical nurses, midwives, ultrasound technicians, and physician assistants, by prescription from licensed physicians in hospitals, clinics and private offices.

The 2 MHz and/or 3 MHz waterproof probes are indicated for the detection of fetal heart rate from early gestation thru delivery and as a general indication of fetal well being. They can also be used to verify fetal heart viability following patient trauma.

The 4 MHz, 5 MHz and/or 8 MHz waterproof vascular probes are indicated for the detection of blood flow in veins and arteries for assisting in the detection of peripheral vascular disease.

– Multiple Modes: auto, average and manual
– FHR Display range: 50 – 210 BPM
– Large backlit LCD display
– Automatic power-off function
– Built-in speaker
– Supports 1.5V AA battery
– Includes interchangeable 8MHz waterproof probe
– Carry bag for ultrasound doppler
– Supports 2,3,4,5 and 8 MHz probes