Soft Compress – Lymph Aid – 6800 KL, 6800 GR and 6801

The LymphAid Leg and LymphAid Arm sets offer a complete solution for self bandaging in the decongestion phase of lymphological compression management, with ready-to-use bandages.

6800 LymphAid Leg (Small/Large)
6801 LymphAid Arm
The LymphAid sets also include the innovative Juzo SoftCompress materials which can significantly improve the treatment outcome.

The gauze bandages and short-stretch bandages in the LymphAid sets are also available separately.


  • 6800 KL Lymph aid (leg small)
  • 6800 GR Lymph aid (leg large)
  • 6801 Lymph aid (arm)
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KL Lymph aid (leg small) 6800, GR Lymph aid (leg large) 6800, Lymph aid (arm) 6801