Soft Compress – Lymph Aid Arm – 6801

Soft Compress Lymph Aid comes with a ready-to-use bandage and is suitable for self-bandaging in the decongestion phase.

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The Juzo Soft Compress Lymph Aid Arm set offers a complete solution for lymphological compression bandaging. Unlike conventional sets, they also include the innovative Juzo Soft Compress materials which can significantly improve the treatment outcome.

The gauze bandages and short-stretch bandages in the Lymph Aid sets are also available separately.

– Exceptionally skin-friendly thanks to the cotton surface
– Core made from foam
– Vertically-stitched foam channels
– Washable up to 60 °C
– Breathable
– Saves time when applying bandaging
– Easier self-bandaging
– Provides long-term cost savings

– 1 x Bandage Arm Aid – Universal size
– 20 x Rapidelast V- Gauze bandages 6cm x 4m
– 2 x Short stretch bandages 6cm x 5m
– 2 x Short stretch bandages 10cm x 5m
– 3 x Short stretch bandages 12cm x 5m
– 1 x Hand pad
– 1 x Elbow joint pad

Specifications – Soft Compress:
– Outside: 100% cotton
– Inner: 100% polyurethane
– Colour: White

Nappi code: 1059642001

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KL Lymph aid (leg small) 6800, GR Lymph aid (leg large) 6800, Lymph aid (arm) 6801