Soft Compress – Bandage Aids – 6810 KL, 6810 GR, 6811

The economical Bandage Aid contains the Juzo SoftCompress Compression Rolls, which facilitate additional compression during the decongestion phase.

6810 Bandage Aid Leg (Small/Large)

The Juzo Soft Compress Bandage Aid Leg and Juzo Soft Compress Bandage Aid Arm offers a complete solution for lymphological compression bandaging. Each set contains Juzo SoftCompress materials which can significantly improve treatment outcomes.

PLEASE NOTE: Ready to wear products that are not in stock in South Africa, may take up to an extra 10 business days for shipment.


  • 6810 KL Bandage aid (leg small)
  • 6810 GR Bandage aid (leg large)
  • 6811 Bandage aid (arm)
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Bandage aid (leg small) 6810 KL, Bandage aid (leg large) 6810 GR, Bandage aid (arm) 6811