Orthotist Bandaging and Compression Garments Course

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This Post-Graduate 34-Hours Continuing Education Course has been specifically developed to introduce ORTHOTISTS to the Best Practice and International Standards of care for patients with Lymphoedema, Lipoedema, and any Oedema conditions due to a variety of etiologies. The Training consists of thorough research-based theory and hands-on training. 
Completing this course provides you with a Certificate of Completion in the Fundamentals of Bandaging and Compression Garments for Orthotists 
Complete – 4-Hours of Online learning before attending the Hands-on portion of the course. You are able to complete the online theory training in the comfort of your own home or office, which includes online learning modules, reading articles, research, and watching videos. The online curriculum includes up-to-date researched information.


Upon completion the participant will be able to: 

– Understand and differentiate between lymphoedema, lipoedema, and oedema
– Identify treatment components of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), Bandaging, Exercise, Skin Care
– Demonstrate basic multi-layer compression bandaging by creating an effective, graduated compression system for arm and leg
– Identify and choose compression, accurately measure & complete order form for custom or RTW compression system or compression garment
– Understand and differentiate between different types of compression garment materials and textiles Flat knit vs Circular Knit
– Provide basic patient and/or family home-care education for Donning and Doffing compression bandages and compression garments

For more information: https://lymphafrica.com/orthotist-bandaging-and-compression-garments-course/