ARION Dactyna

Donning aid for compression gloves with open fingers

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Thanks to the very smooth, double-layered material of the Arion Dactyna, it becomes an effective solution for donning compression gloves with open fingers. It is characterised by comfort, quality and easy handling, which results in minimal physical effort.

– Donning aid for compression gloves with open fingers
– Durable and tear-resistant
– Foldable and small – ideal for taking along
– Washable (hand wash)

How to use:
– Turn the border of the compression glove outwards or open the zipper of the compression glove, if available.
– Place the Dactyna application aids on the fingers. Be sure to place the little grey “bag” on the little finger.
– Slide the compression glove over the hand over the little Dactyna “bags”.
– Make sure that the compression glove is positioned properly over hand and fingers and that the border of the glove is placed correctly.
– Pull the green tabs out of the compression glove through the openings one by one so that you can grasp them.
– Now carefully remove the Dactyna application aids from each finger of the compression glove.

– Composition: Polyester 92%, Polyamide 5%, Silicone 2%, Polyurethane 1%
– Sizes: (According to finger circumference in cm)
— Extra Small – <5.5
— Small – 5.5 – 6.5
— Medium – 6.5 – 7.5
— Large – 7.5 – 9