BSN Easifix S

Intended for fixation of wound dressings of all types and sizes as well as devices such as splints, tubes and paddings, for short term application of compression and to provide general support.

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Easifix® consists of a viscose/ polyamide mixed fabric with durable elastic properties. The bandage is extremely smooth, light and breathable.

Description and properties

Carefully finished with soft edges to prevent fraying. No risk of bandage cutting into skin. A secure fixing even for awkward physical contours which causes no restriction to functional movement nor blood circulation.

Further properties

  • durablyelastic
  • skin-sensitivefabric
  • preventionofskin macerations

Main uses

Secure fixing of wound supports.

Available in the following sizes

  • 25mm x 5m
  • 50mm x 4.5m
  • 75mm x 4.5m

12 rolls per pack

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