Compression for Paediatrics/kids

Lymphology expert
Customised and effective – compression garments for more freedom in motion every day.  We are the trusted partner in oedema therapy. No two patients are the same and their needs vary. This drives us to find better solutions for individual needs – every day. Our main focus is to improve lymphatic drainage, as well as the comfort and well-being of the patient. This has led us to also specialise in compression garments for children. A lymphological illness is not just a challenge for the child, but for the entire family too.  That is why finding a compression garment that fits perfectly for young patients should be an essential requirement for making life that little bit easier. And thanks to Juzo’s expertise, there are many possibilities.

Scar specialist
Comprehensive scar treatment – the perfect fit for more comfort.  Living with scars from significant burn injuries or operations can be difficult. Our products can help significantly improve the appearance and flexibility of scar tissue. We are there for patients from day one of treatment, supporting their road to recovery. With more than 100 years of experience as a compression specialist, Juzo enables patients to find the ideal garment, especially children. As a specialist in the treatment of children, this is directly tailored to the needs of little ones and, thanks to the soft knitted fabric, is ideal for children’s sensitive skin. The aim is to make life easier with well-fitting and comfortable compression – for more “Freedom in Motion”.

Julius the little helper

About the concept
The little helper Julius is intended to help children and their parents through the difficult time after an accident (e. g. after a burn). Julius is a constant companion that will support the young patients from their initial treatment in the hospital through to completion of compression therapy. Julius aims to build up the children‘s confidence and encourage them to accept help from others. Through Julius they also learn that it is possible to achieve the “impossible”, and he helps them find their way back to a normal life. Julius aims to be playful and support in a fun and loving way.

All garments are made to measure (custom made) – Price available on request – If a custom garment is required, email:

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