ARION Sim-Slide

The Arion Sim-Slide is a multifunctional application aid that assists in the donning and doffing of open toe, lower extremity compression garments.

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Thanks to the very smooth, double-layered material of the Arion Sim-Slide, donning and doffing an open toe, lower extremity compression garment, such as knee highs or thigh highs, requires minimal physical effort. The friction reduction is particularly helpful when sliding the garment over the heel area, which is the broadest part of the foot.

– Extremely smooth, durable and tear-resistant material
– Intended for donning and doffing use
– Foldable and therefore easy to carry
– Does not damage delicate skin
– Washable (hand wash)

How to use – Donning:
– Slide the Sim-Slide over the foot, and gently pull on the orange tabs to prevent the Sim-Slide from gliding off the foot
– Slide the stocking over the Sim-Slide, so that the heel of the stocking fits into the correct position
– Place one hand firmly on the heel, and with the other hand pull the loop of the Sim-Slide
– Gradually pull the Sim-Slide out of the stocking

How to use – Doffing:
– Slide the Sim-Slide over the stocking
– Firmly pull on the orange tabs so that the Sim-Slide sits just above the ankle
– Fold the stocking over the Sim-Slide as far as possible
– Starting at the heel, gradually slide the stocking and the Sim-Slide from the foot

– Composition: Polyamide 92%, Polyurethane 3%, Silicone 2%, Polyester 2%, Rubber 1%
– Sizes: (According to UK standard shoe sizes)
— Small – 34-36 (2 – 3.5)
— Medium – 37-38.5 (4.5 – 5.5)
— Large – 39-41 (6 – 7.5)
— Extra Large – >= 42 (8)

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