ARION Easy-Slide Arm

The Arion Easy-Slide Arm assists in the donning of compression sleeves and thorax garments.

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Thanks to the very smooth, double-layered material of the Arion Easy-Slide Arm, donning a compression sleeve or thorax garment requires minimal physical effort.

– Extremely smooth, durable and tear-resistant material
– Foldable and therefore easy to carry
– Does not damage delicate skin
– Washable (hand wash)

How to use:
– Slide the Easy-Slide Arm over your arm.
– Slide the compression arm sleeve over the Easy-Slide Arm.
– Slide the arm sleeve into the correct position and place the upper border correctly on your skin.
– Hold the arm sleeve firmly at the elbow with your hand and hang the orange loop on a door handle. Slowly pull the Easy-Slide Arm out of the arm sleeve by gently backing up.

– Composition: Polyamide 93%, Polyurethane 3%, Silicone 2%, Polyester 2%
– Sizes: Medium – 55.5cm Length, Large – 62.5cm Length

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