Foam Soft Compress

Foam Soft Compress has a highly functional surface structure with foam channels that run vertically, Juzo SoftCompress boosts the drainage of lymph fluid.

Providing cushioning underneath the compression garment with Juzo SoftCompress can prevent pressure points and skin damage as the material is particularly skin-friendly and pleasant to wear thanks to its cotton surface.

The bandage aids for the arm and leg are easy to use and are therefore ideally suited to self-therapy. There are LymphAid and BandageAid complete sets as well as compression rolls and pads for customised treatment.  Juzo SoftCompress inserts and pads can selectively increase the compression pressure for particularly localised oedema.

Open wounds in the area to be treated must be covered with a sterile wound dressing adapted to exudate management before the Juzo SoftCompress may be used. Softcompress cannot accept liability for any failure to comply with these contraindications.


  • exceptionally skin-friendly, thanks to the cotton surface
  • core made of high-quality foam (5 – 9 mm)
  • vertically-stitched foam channels increase lymph drainage
  • constriction in the bends of the joints is prevented
  • protects against bandage edges pinching
  • saves time when bandaging
  • easier self-bandaging
  • washable up to 60 °C
  • disinfection and treatment possible – therefore saves money
  • various optional accessories

Juzo SoftCompress bandages can be worn under shortstretch bandages or in combination with Juzo ACS Light.

Only wear compression garments if they have been prescribed by a doctor. The products should only be dispensed by properly trained staff at a medical retailer. Progress in the success of the treatment or a change in condition will require re-measurement and a new product may be needed. Please contact your specialist retailer in the event of damage. Do not repair the product yourself – this may affect its quality and medical effectiveness.

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