Compression Therapy

Basics Of Lymphoedema

Compression therapy is an important building block and often the first choice in the treatment of venous disorders. While compression cannot reverse pre-existing spider veins or varicose veins, it can prevent these conditions from worsening. Consistent compression therapy is essential in the more advanced stages of these disorders.

Compression stockings exert an optimal pressure distribution that gradually decreases from bottom to top. This supports the return flow of blood, as the external pressure on the distended vessels reduces the diameter of the veins and improves the efficiency of the muscle-vein pump. This helps the valves in the veins to close better, thereby reducing blood stagnation in the legs, or even preventing it entirely if the venous valves are still intact. The blood flow to the heart is improved as a result.

Compression can also support the treatment of severe conditions. It can alleviate the symptoms of thrombosis, and reduce the frequency and severity of chronic venous failure.

If your occupation requires you to stand or sit a lot, compression stockings can have a very beneficial effect on your legs as well as protect them against venous disorders. They provide noticeable relief to the legs.

Your physician will prescribe the right compression class for your needs, as there are different compression strengths (from light to strong compression) available depending on the severity of the symptoms and the particular application. When undergoing compression therapy, it is very important to wear the stockings consistently and to ensure they fit perfectly. Your medical products supplier will therefore measure up your legs to determine the appropriate size for you, or arrange for the manufacture of a made-to-measure stocking.

Appearance is also very important, of course. Modern compression stockings not only support your legs but also look fantastic and are comfortable to wear – both for women and men!

There are many options available, from calf-high stockings through to pantyhose. They are also available in a large selection of colours so that you can match them perfectly to your outfits.