Juzo Garments

At Juzo, we put all our experience and passion into developing medical aids that accompany patients from the beginning to the end of their treatment. Our compression garments, supports and orthoses are manufactured using state of the art technologies and offer patients a tailored solution to their specific needs.

Patients can rely on the consistently high and strictly-controlled quality of all medical aids from Juzo.

Juzo’s compression garments are manufactured almost exclusively in Germany and the USA, and using high quality materials that have to meet stringent requirements.

As a founding member of the Quality Seal Association, Juzo played a leading role in defining the particular quality requirements for products used in compression therapy; today these requirements are specified in a RAL standard and are the prerequisite for acceptance into the medical aids catalog.

 Juzo is currently certified to the stringent EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 standards. Annual audits by the certification body confirm the consistently high quality standard of its products.

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